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Petrified wood Factory from Indonesia

Karya Alam is a petrified wood factory from Banten Indonesia, producing unique furniture from petrified wood raw materials, located in Banten City, one of the Indonesian cities that has the best quantity and quality of petrified wood in Indonesia, so the need for petrified wood for consumers is always available directly from sources us, let’s join us Be a unique furniture businessman with petrified wood furniture!

What is Our Product

setiap product petrified wood memiliki khas tersendiri seperti lekukan,bentuk kulit, warna yang berbeda beda dan unik,
bahan baku yang kami gunakan merupakan bahan yang terbaik dari sumber penggalian kami, dengan ciri khas bahan baku kota kami Banten yakni warna hitam yang sangat pekat, bahan yang tersedia di kota kami sangat lah banyak.
foto berikut ini adalah salah satu product yang telah kami producki dengan ciri khas petrified wood banten.

Why Us?

Own Factory

Own factory with machines that support the production process

sources of raw materials

We are located in the city of Banten where there are abundant sources of raw materials

Good Price

Because we are in the center of raw materials, our product prices are very good


At the point when you take a gander at petrified wood, you’re checking out a long-dead tree that was gone to stone yet still held its essential design. petrified wood is a fossil of an old tree.

At the point when a life form kicks the bucket, it generally deteriorates. Anyway on occasion, a recently perished tree gets quickly covered by mud, sediment, or volcanic debris, which doesn’t allow oxygen to get to the tree. Absence of oxygen makes the plant decay definitely more leisurely than it regularly would.
In the mean time, mineral-loaded water or mud saturates the dead tree’s pores and different openings. North of a couple million years, those minerals will crystalize. The outcome is a stone that appropriates the shape and design of our unique tree.

What amount of time does it require for wood to petrified?
The vast majority of the froze wood is a long period of time old.
The Gilboa fossil woodland (USA) is 385 million years of age and is by and large alluded to as ‘the most established fossil timberland’. The most youthful petrified wood was made by researchers in ideal conditions in tenths of years.

What is the normal time of petrified wood in Indonesia?
Indonesia’s biggest stores of petrified wood come basically from extraordinary volcanic movement and flooding around 20 million years prior.

Where could Petrified Wood Found in Indonesia be?
Indonesia’s petrified wood is coming primarily from West Java from regions like Banten and Mount Halimun Salak National Park.

What is petrified wood great for?
It is for the most part utilized for fancy items and enlivening pieces (tabletops, ashtrays, bookends), furniture pieces (stools, tables, side tables, sinks) and less every now and again for adornments purposes.

Is petrified wood thought about a jewel?
However rock-hard and gem like when finished, froze wood is really a fossil, not a gemstone.

Is it unlawful to have petrified wood?
It isn’t illicit to have petrified wood. Nonetheless, in certain nations (for example USA) most petrified wood is available in National Parks, and eliminating anything from a National Park is unlawful.

For what reason do the color differ?
The shade of frozen not entirely settled by the particular minerals and components that have supplanted the tree’s creation during petrification.
Carbon: Black
Cobalt: Green/Blue
Chromium: Green/Blue
Copper: Green/Blue
Iron Oxides: Red, Brown, Yellow
Manganese: Pink/Orange
Manganese Oxides: Blackish/Yellow
Silicon Dioxide: Clear/White/Gray

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